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Award-winning musician and producer Steve Dawson is set to release his 8th album, “Lucky Hand”, on June 15th. “Lucky Hand” represents a high point of more than two decades of musical searching. Comprised of ten stunning new fingerstyle and slide guitar-based instrumentals, performed alongside an incredible string quartet, or in solo and duo formats, Dawson has never released music as sweepingly dynamic or visually suggestive as this.

Enlisting his old partner, Jesse Zubot, to create complementary and adventurous arrangements for his guitar excursions, these completely realized compositions – with Zubot’s orchestration adding colour to the sepia-tinged melodies – represent Dawson’s finest recording yet. 2018 marks the 20 years since the debut of Zubot and Dawson, and their collaborations never cease to inspire.

Founded by Steve Dawson in 1998, Black Hen is dedicated to producing music that is diverse and eclectic. Since its inception, the label has released over 80 albums that include blues and roots artists Jim Byrnes, Big Dave McLean, Kelly Joe Phelps, Old Man Luedecke, Deep Dark Woods, and many more. When he’s not organizing and performing on tours or producing other artist’s music, Dawson hosts the popular podcast Music Makers & Soul Shakers that features interviews with musicians and producers about their lives and work.

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