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Canadian Guitarist and Songwriter Lee Palmer Releases New Album Horns & Harps on September 7, 20

“Drawing from all across the roots music spectrum, Lee Palmer crafts lyrically potent, emotionally moving songs, each one as distinctive as the last. Aided by well-suited arrangements and top-notch studio play.” - Roots Music Report

About Horns & Harps

After nine months of songwriting and demo work, this collection of tunes came together over a few days at Jukasa Studios in Caledonia. Palmer went for a full band experience. The two main recording days were thematic in approach with day one featuring Turner King on saxophone and day two with Roly Platt on harmonica. Thus the title, Horns & Harps. With eight originals and two covers, Palmer's newest offering is a nod to blues, Americana and folk music, with his thematic and catchy lyrics at the forefront.

A Note From Lee Palmer

I’ve had the privilege of doing five studio albums over the last six years. Each time at a different studio, with new players and old, but always with exceptional musicians. Calling the studio band The One Take Players is a testament to how prepared and talented these musicians have been. This album is no exception.

Jukasa Studios gave us isolation for six players at once, with a sight line to all. We were able to capture the interaction between these great players and that was precisely the point. For that reason, I would put this down as my most musical recording experience to date. The tunes vary from lighthearted to life happens and everything in between. And if everything does happen for a reason, then this album is a direct result of a crazy chain of events that set this album, Horns & Harps in motion.


1. Waitin’ On The Train

2. Good Morning Joe

3. You Don’t Know Me*

4. My Baby Again

5. Shake em Blues

6. Old Picture, Old Frame

7. Life Rolls On

8. Rockin’ Strawberry Jam

9. Somebody’s Daughter

10. Isn’t That So*

*All songs written by Lee Palmer except as noted:

You Don’t Know Me (E. Arnold / C. Walker)

Isn’t That So (Jessie Winchester)

The One Take Players

Iain McNally - Electric and acoustic guitars

Sean O’Grady - Drums and percussion

Alec Fraser Jr. - Electric bass

Steve O’Connor - Grand Piano, Wurlitzer, and organ

Turner King - Saxophone

Roly Platt - Acoustic and electric harp

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