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Canadian Blues Giant Harpdog Brown Shares Video for “Reefer Lovin’ Woman”

Set for release on October 17, the day pot is legalized in Canada

Vancouver-based blues artist Harpdog Brown has long been called a Blues Evangelist, and that’s a very fitting moniker. "I speak the blues like it's the truth, and it is”, he says. "I do feel like I'm a servant of the people. A missionary if you will. Music can heal people if they pay attention to the messages in these songs.” Brown delivers those messages using the vintage sound whether it be with his lowdown classic blues band the Travelin’ Blues Show or with his new Uptown Blues Band.

On October 17, 2018, Harpdog Brown will celebrate this landmark occasion in Canadian history by releasing the new video for the track “Reefer Lovin’ Woman”, from his forthcoming album (Spring 2019). Timing could not be more perfect for Brown, as October 17 is the day that marijuana becomes legal for of-age Canadians.

The song is not an invitation or advocating that people ingest pot – it is simply a song about a guy who falls in love with a woman who partakes. It can be considered a social commentary as well, with the final line “that's all right with me”

For many, cannabis offers similar relief beyond the health benefits claimed by advocates of cannabis culture. “I wanted to write a fun song about one man’s acceptance of the fact that the one he fell in love with is an advocate of cannabis culture..”

When asked about his thoughts on legalization he compared it to the prohibition of alcohol back in the day. “ I believe it's long overdue. Deeming marijuana usage a criminal activity is insane in my opinion. I believe the information that supports the health benefits of cannabis over pharmaceuticals. I also believe that creating legal distribution channels would benefit our country and communities through the taxes gained. Eliminating the need of a black market is I think a good thing. Much like alcohol in the prohibition days, the people have spoken. Marijuana is already accepted in our culture. It’s time to take it out of the dark.”

Harpdog Brown is a gifted vocalist and an imaginative harmonica player who has earned a solid reputation as a real-deal purveyor of classic electric blues reminiscent of the old Chess Records and Sun Records of the late 40's and early 50’s.

He has won three consecutive Maple Blues Awards for Harmonica Player of the Year (2014/2015/2016), the Fraser Valley Music Award, has three consecutive Western Canadian Music Awards Nominations, a Juno Nomination and is the only Canadian to win the coveted Muddy Award. In 2016, he was nominated for 3 Maple Blues Awards (Harmonica Player, Male Vocalist and Album of the Year) for his latest release Travelin’ With The Blues.

These days he’s been touring more and more as Harpdog Brown & the Uptown Blues Band - a vintage New Orleans Blues sound featuring slide trombone, keyboards, bass and drums and often a sax and clarinet. Still a vintage vibe, just a different vintage.

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