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Quirky Ontario Roots Duo Jennis to Release The Mirror on October 4

Jennis delivers more sound, variety and fun than one would think could fit into a single touring van. The duo brings together Guelph-based Dennis Gaumond’s decades of writing and performing, with Jen Gillmor, veteran of the Toronto indie scene. Their blend of cello, dobro, didgeridoo, harmonica, flute, guitar, bass, jaw harp and wazinator, combined with catchy, quirky original songs, makes for a unique and unforgettable performance.

Their debut album, The Current, was released in June, 2014 and has charted at college radio stations across Canada. It was noticed by The Toronto Blues Society who nominated them as finalists in their 2015 Talent Search Contest. They showcased at the 2015 FMO and the 2017 Toronto Blues Summit.

Jennis is set the release their sophomore recording The Mirror on October 4, 2019. It is a collection of original songs, except for a ‘Jennisized’ version of the Bob Marley song "Get Up, Stand Up". The songs all contain elements of blues, jazz, reggae, rock and exotic world textures, which are typical of Jennis’s musicality.

The Mirror features Jen on cello, didgeridoo, bass, flute and vocals, and Dennis on vocals, guitars, dobro and harmonica and includes contributions from guest artists such as Cécile Doo-Kingué on guitar (track 10), Tannis Slimmon and Shannon Kingsbury on back-up vocals, Tom Wolf on drums and percussion, Oisin Hannigan on bodhrán (track 9) and Chris Dahmer on organ and accordion.

Lyrically, the songs address a variety of topics. The title song, "Sneak Past the Mirror", is about how we all feel like youngsters until we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror. "You Never Know" is about how we can’t predict the future, but it is also about how knowledge itself is an elusive butterfly that is beyond our grasp. "Too Much Stuff" is a playful commentary on consumerism. Other songs contain social comment, spiritual observations and acknowledgement of reality’s pervasive underpinning of love. The general tone of the lyrics is thoughtful but light-hearted, inviting the listener to ‘look in the mirror’ and to take inventory of what is truly important in life. |

Track List

1. You Never Know (4:32)

2. Go Viral (4:56)

3. Misunderstanding (4:18)

4. Sneak Past The Mirror (4:26)

5. Wide Awake (4:23)

6. Too Much Stuff (5:11)

7. Prison For Myself (4:08)

8. There’s Only Love (5:16)

9. Family Tree (4:28)

10. Run With The Wolves (4:13)

11. There In Your Bubble (5:26)

12. Mountaintop (4:52)

13. Get Up, Stand Up (5:05)

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