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On The Wings of the Wind is set for digital-only release on March 15th

Multi-award-winning producer/musician Alec Fraser Jr has, at long last, released his first solo recording, On The Wings of the Wind. As a bassist he has toured internationally and worked with many world-class artists like Jeff Healey and Bo Diddley, As a producer and bassist, his work has garnered 23 awards to date including three Juno awarded records, two WC Handy awards, and multiple Maple Blues awards for bass playing and production.

Though primarily known as a blues musician, Fraser’s new release showcases his stunning lyrics and vocal ability, in addition to his accomplished bass playing. Fans of folk, singer/songwriter, and roots music will enjoy On The Wings of the Wind, a record with depth and brave musical directions. 14 years ago Alec started developing the Circus Bass, an upright bass with seven drum sounds attached, played with his hands and a brush. Tracks 5, 6, and 11 are demonstrations of this invention.

“This first solo release is a result of the global pandemic and having the time to write my own songs with the influences I’ve had from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean”, says Alec. “It’s also exciting for me to have musicians I’ve recorded play on my record”.

On The Wings Of The Wind Track List

1. Let Me Be Your Break In The Clouds – Alec Fraser Jr - 3:27

2. Ocean Of Emotion - Alec Fraser Jr – 4:12

3. My Father’s Ashes - Alec Fraser Jr – 2:50

4. Terlingua Night – Alec Fraser Jr – 3:27

5. Don’t Cry For Me – Alec Fraser Jr/Chris Bartos – 3:56

6. On The Wings Of The Wind – Alec Fraser Jr – 4:55

7. All In A Day – Alec Fraser Jr – 3:32

8. Will Ye Go Lassie Go – Traditional – 3:36

9. You Cannae Take It With You – Alec Fraser Jr/Maggie Fraser – 3:06

10. Red Haired Girl – Traditional/Alec Fraser Jr lyrics – 2:42

11. Flying In Dreams – Alec Fraser Jr - 2:20

12. Grandma’s House – Alec Fraser Jr – 4:13


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