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Award-Winning Blues Rock Trio Beauwater To Release Third Studio Album Who Works For Who?

2017 ECMA Blues Recording of the Year Winners Beauwater announce the release of their third studio album, titled Who Works For Who? available Friday, Nov 13th, 2020.  As a follow-up to their award-winning 2016 breakthrough album Lovers, Fools and Kings, Beauwater has once again teamed up with Producer Chris Kirby to bring forth a powerhouse album that reflects the group's natural growth and sensibilities but further captures the essence of their energetic 'leave-it-all-on-the-stage' live show. The new album, Who Works For Who? includes ten songs, each carefully crafted to showcase the group's tenacity and musicianship. With the return of Kelly Hoppe of Big Sugar on Harmonica, Chris Harnett on Saxophone, Terry Campbell on Trumpet and Chris Kirby on Keys, the band has recaptured the magical lineup that helped make their last effort a success. Intent on creating a record that duplicates the band's live fervor and stripped-down approach, the team has ensured no note goes to waste in their pursuit of an end product that is authentically raw and unique. Still straddling the fence between blues and rock, the new record sees the group dive deeper into their Blues repertoire to produce tracks such as "Flavour of the Week", an in-your-face power shuffle and "Tonight She's Gonna Burn", a true story that's equal parts lamentful and intense, while still throwing in hard-hitting blues-laden rock tunes like the inquisitive and heavy-driving title track "Who Works For Who?", and the subdued jazzy styling of "Broken Man Behind The Wheel" - a sultry swinging tale of love lost and forgotten.

Who Works For Who? Release Date: November 13th, 2020

  1. Who Works For Who? (3:02)

  2. Flavour of the Week (4:16)

  3. The New Disease (2:54)

  4. The Real McCoy (3:23)

  5. Tonight She's Gonna Burn (3:53)

  6. Long Way Down (3:30)

  7. Nodding Off (3:51)

  8. The Broken Man Behind The Wheel (3:45)

  9. Poison (3:35)

  10. One Way Out (3:49)


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