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Veteran Musicians Release Their Debut Album June 9th

Canadian contemporary roots band, Badger’s Caravan blends a love of folk, rock, Celtic, and Baltic music to forge a unique and immediately identifiable sound. Formed in 2021 by long-time friends Bill McCrone, Brian Froese, and George Trainor, Badger’s Caravan presents original music that is infectious and toe-tapping, with wonderfully crafted lyrics and highly accomplished, yet often whimsical, musicianship. The debut album from Badger’s Caravan, Songs From Muddy Hollow, displays influences ranging from 1930’s Parisian cafes, through 1970’s folk and roots singer/songwriters. The music on Songs From Muddy Hollow range from a fast-paced romp in Hot Tub of Horrors, through deeply moving ballads like Warrior of the Heart to goofy love songs like I’m So Happy (I Could Spit). Most of the songs on Songs From Muddy Hollow were written years ago, explains Froese. "Like kicking a can down an empty road, we’ve been kicking these songs around for years. Don’t know why it took us this long to stop and listen and let the songs find their own voice, but once we did, they really came alive." With 11 original songs ranging from raucous to quirky, sentimental to experimental, Badger's Caravan's debut release is chock full of originality and fine musicianship.


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