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Canadian Singer/Songwriter Maggie Fraser to Release The Way That I Wish It Was

Fraser's Folk/Americana Recording is out February 24th, 2023

Maggie Fraser is a Canadian singer/songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario.

Identifying primarily as a songwriter in the Folk/Americana genre, her songs have been recorded and performed by other artists, most notably Ontario singer and multi-instrumentalist, Colleen Hodgson, in her 2008 release Songs of Maggie. Over the last few years, Maggie has stepped up to the mic and begun performing solo around the Toronto area. The Way That I Wish It Was is her first release as both singer and songwriter. Maggie’s songs, distinguished by their unique lyrical quality, seem to know how to find their way into that dark secret place inside us and keep us company there.

The Way That I Wish It Was is a collection of songs in the Folk/Americana tradition. Singer/songwriter Maggie Fraser breathes a unique life into musical vignettes of mingled hope and despair. "The Cornfield" is a repentant lament for the rape of the earth and lost innocence. In "After the Loving" a homeless outcast experiences a fleeting visitation of love. In "Your Ghost" a widow grapples with unfathomable loss. In "The Loneliest Creature in the World" a volunteer worker tries to come to terms with her own loneliness. "Wild Black Dogs" pokes fun at our need to believe that we can actually control life. In "Going to Hell" a prisoner begs forgiveness from his battered spouse. "Beautiful Masquerade" is a plea to rekindle a battle-scarred relationship. "The Way That I Wish It Was" and "Our Little Canoe" are songs of hope in dark times. "Song for Susan" is a requiem for a beloved friend.

The Way That I Wish It Was features Maggie Fraser (vocals/acoustic guitar), Denis Keldie (piano/Wurlitzer/organ/accordion), Alec Fraser (circus bass/drums/ guitars/ banjo/ keyboards/ percussion/ and BG vocals), Chris Staig (guitar), Chris Bartos (violins/moog bass/pedal steel), James McKie (mandolin/Bodhran), Rich Roxborough (piano/keyboard), and Colleen Hodgson (BG vocals). Produced/engineered at Liquid Toronto by Alec Fraser.

Track List

1.Your Ghost

2.Beautiful Masquerade

3.The Cornfield

4.After The Loving

5.Our Little Canoe

6.The Loneliest Creature In The World

7.Going to Hell

8.The Way That I Wish It Was

9.Wild Black Dogs

10.Song For Susan


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