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It's a Wrap! Highlights from the 24th Maple Blues Awards & Thank-You Extravaganza!

The 24th Maple Blues Awards reached 13K online views for its four segments in total and we can't thank you enough for your interest and your ongoing support for our events during these challenging times!

You can re-watch all four episodes including streams from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver on our YouTube channel or on TBS Facebook page. The YouTube link below will take you to a playlist where you will find all the episodes and can switch in between for an easier watching experience. For all our videos visit our channel here.

Congratulations to All the Winners!

Entertainer of the Year: Dawn Tyler Watson

Electric Act of the Year: Jack de Keyzer

Acoustic Act of the Year: Matt Andersen

Male Vocalist of the Year: Matt Andersen

Female Vocalist of the Year: Angel Forrest

New Artist of the Year: Smoke Wagon Blues Band

Recording/Producer of the Year: Smoke Wagon Blues Band – Ballad of Albert Johnson / Producer: Steve Sherman

B.B. King International Artist of the Year: Ghost Town Blues Band

Songwriter of the Year: Colin Linden

Blues with a Feeling Award (Lifetime Achievement Award): *Tie* Ken Whiteley and Joe Murphy

Guitarist of the Year: Garrett Mason

Harmonica of the Year: Steve Marriner

Piano/Keys of the Year: Jesse O’Brien

Horn Player of the Year: *Tie* Mark LeClerc and Mat “Moose” Mousseau

Drummer of the Year: Gary Craig

Bassist of the Year: John Dymond

John Valenteyn Blues Booster of the Year: Cindy McLeod

New: Watch All the Thank-You Speeches!

A special bonus video has just been released containing all winners' thank-you extravaganza! Click below to start watching!


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