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Meet and hear three budding musicians under the age of 20

Hear all three of the winning songs and see their videos

In his own words, Dawson explains the purpose and process of the Henhouse Express recording concept:

For the second year in a row we decided to bring the Henhouse Express recording concept to the kids and see what came out of it. This was our prolific remote recording process that we worked on all through the pandemic, and consists of myself on guitars, Jeremy Holmes on bass, Gary Craig on drums and Chris Gestrin on keyboards.

We got the word out to songwriters under 20 years old, and received about 80 entries. We picked our top three and have recorded the songs and will be releasing them all on August 26. It’s always amazing to hear what young writers come up with, and these three show some remarkable writing and performing skills at a very young age.

The winners include Micah Walbaum from Forget, Saskatchewan, Avan Davis from Vancouver, and Lachlan Neville from Rocanville, Saskatchewan. All proceeds from the singles will go to the Sarah McLachlan School of Music in Vancouver.


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