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Recent Annual General Meeting Confirms 2022 Slate

The Toronto Blues Society is pleased to announce the appointment of musicians, community leaders, and educators Diana Braithwaite and Quisha Wint to the Board of Directors. Since its founding in 1985, Toronto Blues Society has had incredible leadership from various members of the board and look forward to the upcoming year with the addition of Braithwaite and Wint. “We are so pleased to see two inspiring women join other new board members who have come on board over the last year - Dione Taylor, Alana Bridgewater, Julian Taylor, Ken Kawashima, and Elaine Bomberry.”, says Derek Andrews, President of TBS. “Their perspectives will provide the right expertise to drive the organization's strategy forward, and will also expand and reinforce the diversity of voices contributing to the Toronto Blues Society's growth”.

About Diana Braithwaite

When Diana Braithwaite sings, you hear passion, with sultry stories of life beautifully expressed through music. Born in Toronto, Braithwaite is a descendant of the Wellington County pioneers in Canada. With roots in the southern United States, her ancestors escaped slavery through the Underground Railroad and lived for four generations in Wellington County, the first African-Canadian pioneer settlement in Ontario. Dubbed “a national treasure” by BLUZ-FM’s Radio host Danny Marks, Diana Braithwaite combines elements from Dinah Washington, Koko Taylor, Esther Phillips, and others to create her own unique appealing, and expressive blues style.

About Quisha Wint

Quisha was born to sing and entertain. She grew up in a Jamaican/Canadian home listening to Reggae, Motown, Gospel, R&B, then entered the jazz program at Humber College in the mid-’90s. From there she embarked upon her dream of performing with well-known musicians, which took her to exciting overseas hotel engagements. Since then, Quisha has sung in many parts of Asia, Europe, North America, and Caribbean. With a bright personality and strong emotive vocal abilities, Quisha is one of Toronto’s most sought-after session vocalists. She also performs regularly at corporate gigs. Currently living in the GTA, Quisha is well established in the tight-knit music industry. She is a phenomenal and expressive vocalist who also inspires others to live out their dreams.

“In the 37 years of The Toronto Blues Society (TBS) , we have had many new board members and some who have moved on. This year, Jon Arnold ( founding member), Paul Sanderson (legal consultant), Ken Whiteley( musician & advisor), and Ed Parsons ( long-standing membership & volunteer coordinator) will be leaving their role as board members", says Lucie Dufault, Vice President. “We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of them for their many years of important contributions. They will be missed though we know they will continue to be part of the Toronto Blues Society family.”

The Toronto Blues Society (TBS) is governed by a working Board of Directors. Staff positions include a Managing Director and Officer Intern, Event Coordinator, Bookkeeper, Sponsorship and Advertising Coordinator, Newsletter Editor as well as additional contract services and a large core of volunteers that is continually renewing. Self-generated revenue from memberships, advertising and fundraising has been supplemented by funding from government, foundations and corporate sponsorship.


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