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West Coast Blues Band Big Pacific Set To Release Welcome To The Party

Canadian blues-rock band Big Pacific formed in 2015 and are

a very diverse group of seasoned musicians that blend to form

a tight dynamic live performance. Their new release Welcome

To The Party is the culmination of years of woodshedding songs

in rehearsals and then polishing them in front of live audiences.

All four members of Big Pacific contribute their talents to the

songwriting process, with each adding his own personal stamp

to the songs.

The band has performed at numerous festivals and club gigs on

Vancouver Island, where they have impressed audiences with

their professionalism and ability to connect with people. With

the new CD the goal is to embrace the rest of Canada by

bringing the nation some West Coast groove. Set for release in

June 2020, Welcome To The Party is a much-needed

celebration of inclusivity and positivity - an invitation to everyone to step up and have a little fun as we all join the party of everyday life.

Big Pacific Are:

Roly Sandoval (guitar & vocals) is a veteran of Western

Canada’s professional music scene. Starting off in Calgary in

the 80s he went on to work in some of Alberta’s premier rock

bands. He’s also done extensive studio work, appeared on

radio and TV, and has played great rock and roll from the Arctic Circle to Mexico.

Nick Dokter (drums & vocals) started his music career in South Africa as a teenager quickly becoming a sought-after session player. He continued his studio work in London at the PYE Studio where he rubbed shoulders with Ronnie Wood, Arthur Brown, and Van Morrison. Nick carried on his session work upon arrival in Canada, working with the Juno-nominated

Richard Stepp Band, Oliver and the Elements and Jimmy D

lane, son of late Muddy Waters, and guitar man Jimmy Rogers.

Wayne Veillet (bass & vocals) is Big Pacific's Nanaimo

connection. Wayne brings talent, dedication and technical

expertise. Having been with a popular local band, for 16 years

and establishing his 'Wayon Sound' recording studio.

John Hannah, aka Johnny Blitz (keyboards) is a multi-talented

musician featured on keyboards, guitar and vocals. John has

done extensive studio and TV work. He has performed on a

litany of fabulous music shows including (but not limited to) Live Aid, David Letterman, The Princess Diana Trust Concert, Solid

Gold, American Bandstand, and Tina Turner's performance at

the Juno's. Even more impressive is John's two and a half years

in Heart's touring band and eight years touring with Bryan



1. Welcome To The Party (4:17)

2. Bad Girl (3:52)

3. Rack ‘Em Up (4:28)

4. Slip Away (3:14)

5. Lovin’ Arms (3:46)

6. Here On The East Side (3:11)

7. Hard Road (4:46)

8. California Girl (3:04)

9. Run To The Night (4:15)

10.Blue Moon Blues (3:43)

11.As We Go* (3:27) Bonus Track

12.Here’s To Yesterday* (4:34) Bonus Track

All songs written by Big Pacific


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