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"Sarah French runs an honest, thoughtful and professional publicity machine. I would recommend her to anyone looking for those things."- Kevin Breit 


​"When I asked for a publicist to work with on our record 'Checkered Past', CHLY's  Billy Boy Lucas highly recommended Sarah French,  simply saying " she's wonderful". Over 6 months, and multiple campaigns later it feels like family, and man was he ever right.  She continuously kept us up to speed making sure we both had our daily itineraries. Sarah's strategies really helped us gain the traction and endorsement that our album required to reach a broader audience.  Her commitment to the task is admirable and was the key ingredient in the overall results of our partnership."- The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer


"Sarah French is the best publicist I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She is on top of EVERYTHING! If anything happening with any of her clients, she uses her Social Media skills and more to make sure EVERYONE knows it. Whenever any Blues artists asks me for advice my first first answer is always the same, “Get Sarah French as your publicist!”

- Brent Morrison, Host, The Rockin' Blues Show


​"Sarah French is an absolute pleasure to work with in every way.  She is passionate about her work, and that shines through in her dedication to her artists.  She has all the tools a great publicist needs - connections, industry knowledge, insight and professionalism.  I am proud to have her on my team...and any artist that wants to take their career in music to the next level should hire Sarah French."- Steve Strongman

​​​“Sarah will take your music and promote it properly. She knows the people to send it to, knows how to talk to them, and gets results. Nobody can guarantee anything but if you have high quality product she will get it in the right hands and help your music career immensely as she has ours.”- Jon Knight, Soulstack​

“Sarah French Publicity has had a huge impact on our music career; Sarah’s incredible rapport with the movers and shakers of the blues from coast to coast is unprecedented. Her hard work and personal touch (which has become a rarity in this day and age) shot us right up the music charts across the nation.  The best friend an artist could have!”- Corey Lueck & The Smoke Wagon Blues Band

​​"Where Beauty and Brains Meet: Sarah French! Working with Sarah French Publicity has been an eye opener into just how much difference a dedicated and knowledgeable publicist can make. A really good PR person works on the principal of good will. Clearly Sarah has that in all corners of the Blues World. She stays on the job and keeps on top of things. Many of us would agree, she's the best in the business"- Danny Marks


"Having spent years working the Canadian roots and blues scene, and after numerous CD releases and tours, it wasn't until the release of 'Tattoo Black' timed with the efforts and industry connections of Sarah French Publicity, that the band finally made a noticeable impact.  Sarah French Publicity took our product and branding and brought it to the attention of industry trend setters and taste makers, who in turn gave us the exposure needed to connect with a larger loyal fan base."- Dylan Wickens​

"You're the best- but you must get tired of hearing that!"- John Kereiff, Newcap Broadcasting / Gonzo Magazine

"It’s so nice to see my disc getting some positive attention, and I couldn’t have done that without you. The reviews have given me a treasure trove to mine for good quotes as well !"- Al Lerman

"Sarah French is one of those people you know you can count on.I knew that from the minute I met her. Not only is she solid as a rock, she is friendly, supportive and most importantly, professional. Sarah has consistently proven positive results for me and played a major role in the success of my last EP as well as assisting my rising career. Sarah is a gem, and I'm proud to have her on my team!"- Ginger St. James

"Sarah French is a hard working P.R. pro and her love of the music shines through in everything she does."- Andrew Galloway, President of Electro-Fi Records​

"Sarah French put up with me for two whole years. She's a hard worker, she learned a lot, she went to work for a record company and exceeded all my expectations for her. She's smart and bright and knows her stuff, and you ought to work with her if you want to get some results. I truly love Sarah French. She's my friend, my former work-mate, and I'm proud of everything she's accomplished."- Richard Flohil, Canadian Music Industry Legend

"Knowledgeable, connected, and most importantly, a fan. Sarah is reliable, approachable, and happy.  That's so rare in the music business."- Bob Mersereau, Author of The Top 100 Canadian Albums


I had the opportunity of working with Sarah French while under her employ to indie label, Linus Entertainment / True North Records. In my wide berth of experience dealing with record company PR people, I have found few who measure up to the standards of professionalism and good old fashioned work ethic as does Sarah. I highly recommend her services."- Alannah Myles


"When it comes to blues PR, Sarah is in a league of her own.  As a developing artist, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring your music is heard by the right people.  Not only did Sarah promote my music properly, but took an active interest in ensuring I was successful as well.  Always professional, friendly and honest, the impact that she’s had on my career to date has been tremendous." - Dan McKinnon

"In over 30 years as a producer and host at CHMR, I have never worked with anyone like Sarah. Her knowledge, work ethic and personal drive are matched only by her love of the business. She is a rare and wonderful find"- Terry Parsons, CHMR FM


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